Archive of Voting Records 1814-1940

Period: 1814-1940


The older Archive of Voting Records consists of voting records from the Norwegian parliament (the Storting) in the period 1814-1940. Compared to the Archive of Voting Records from 1979 onwards, this archive contains less information. The data quality is also significantly poorer than for the 1979-archive. The archive has data on two levels:

  1. The MP's vote on single propositions
    The basic information here is the MP's vote with the 'Majority/Minority' and 'Not Voted'. The MP is identified by a unique ID-number, the same number used in the Archive of Politicians. This implies that all the information in these archives is also available in the the Archive of Voting Records (e.g. party affiliation, constituency, occupation, education etc.). Note that the single MP's vote and the aggregated vote of his/her party in general rarely differ.
  2. Information about the recommendations/proposals
    This includes information about:
    • Identification and year of proposals
    • Thesaurus Proposals: Categorised by topic
    • Type of chambers
    • Total number of 'Majority/Minority'-votes
    • Short text about the vote’s proposals
    • Budgetary vs. non-budgetary proposals

The quality of data is somewhat poor, especially for some of the periods. The documentation of the weaknesses of the data is unfortunately only available in Norwegian at present.

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