Archive of Politicians 1814-1905

Period: 1814-1903

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  • The Norwegian Storting (parliament) 1814-1903


The archive contains biographical data about members of the Norwegian parliament (the Storting) from 1814-1905. The archive gives a description of the members' political, demographic and social background, both before and after their period in the Storting.

Other tables describe the members representation: which periods the have been members of the Storting, which election district they represented, engagements in government, which standing committee they belonged to in the Storting and so on. The spesific Storting period is the unit in this table. A person who has been represented for many periods, will be mentioned several times accordingly.

Ministers are included in the archive from 1872 and state secretaries since 1945. All together you will find more than 3000 members of parliament and deputy representatives, more than 400 ministers and around 200 state secretaries.

The representatives can be grouped into different units depending on the purpose of the analysis. One can for example group MPs according to parties, standing committees, election periods and governments.

The archive is useful for statistical analysis. But as a source for biographical information it is insufficient.

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